Welcome to The Social Coin Network.


September 20th, 2018

Look out for our new platform and associated website at www.socc.network - official release coming soon.

July 9th, 2018

Social Coin Android Wallet now available on the Play Store!

August 1st, 2017

Social Coin is in September 2017's issue of BMW Car Magazine. Download now from https://pocketmags.com/ for iOS and Android.

Or available in print from Friday August 4th! 20k readers per month.


(Note that the above link has been updated from the original to ensure that you don't have to login to Google in order to download the file).

SOCIAL COIN DEV INTRO:   Previous items - Nova listing, wallet dev started, UK magazine reference August 2017, SocialCoin on Coinhills & Prohashing

What is it?

SocialCoin is a crypto currency (in the same vein as Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the well known brands in this space) specifically aimed at the Social Media industry. What does that mean? Read on, below.

What does it do?

Consider how rewarding it would be to be to be paid for your reviews,

views, likes and content online. That is exactly what SocialCoin, and The

Social Coin Network, aims to achieve. 

SocialCoin is the original and strongest Social Media currency

and is finally bringing cryptocurrency to the masses.

How do I get it?

Download and extract (it's a compressed file, as is the norm these days) the wallet by following the links below. Upon opening the

file ‘socialcoin-qt.exe’, click on ‘Receive’, give the address a label (such as

‘My Coins’) and copy the address.

Are you a more advanced user and want to mine the currency?

Go to the following URL and review the opening post. Here you will find info on ports, wallet locations, source code downloads and so on, plus pool information. Note that the returns are better using pools, and also using GPU mining. Good luck!


What do I do next?

Whenever you post something online, be it an Amazon review,

TripAdvisor comment or insight, Trivago opinion, or merely a YouTube or Facebook

comment, include your wallet address and state it's your SocialCoin wallet. Then sit back and watch the coins roll in.

Note that you will only see your coins arrive when you start up your wallet and let it run. But you do not have to have the wallet running all the time - the network will automatically credit you when you do open the wallet.

But there is now another way you can get SOCC coins. Why not use our new faucet - no further Windows or Linux installations necessary. Just take the wallet address you have already created and enter it here: <offline due to maintenance> and the faucet will pay you free coins which you can then exchange which others!

What can I do with SocialCoin?

You can already trade Social Coin (SOCC) on Yobit @ www.yobit.net in USD or Bitcoin (BTC/XBT) or Nova https://novaexchange.com/market/BTC_SOCC/ in the same currencies.

At the time of the first listing, the market value was c$2 million. In due course, further exchanges will be added plus competitions and giveaways right here on the website. So bookmark and be sure to come back!

Sounds too good to be true? You won’t know until you try it…

Still have questions? Or seen something in the wallet you don’t

like, and/or your anti-virus complains about the installation?

Reach out to the team directly at the email address shown below.